METLA Appointed Voting Member  ($110.00)

Person appointed by the district superintendent to represent the district in METLA.   Appointment forms can be requested by going to the registration page above, choosing your district, and following the directions.

METLA Named Associate  ($ 80.00)

District personnel, excluding the appointed member, who will be attending all of the METLA meetings.   The associate membership will be in the persons name.

METLA General Associate ($ 80.00)

This is an associate membership that belongs to the district.  Anyone can attend the meeting using this membership.  For each general associate membership, the district is allowed to bring 1 person to the meetings.  The person may vary from meeting to meeting as determined by the district.

METLA Vendor Associate   ($ 150.00)

This membership is for vendors.  An associate membership must be held by each vendor representative attending METLA meetings.

To register please use the linked form below. Your invoice will be mailed to you once the registration processes.

If you need a quote to get your PO you can use the quote form link below. You will be emailed a quote once you submit the form and you can use that to get your requisition in. Once you have your PO you will come back and complete the registration.

If you need to change the Appointed Member for your district use the form linked below before you do the registration. Once you complete the form you will be email the form needed to make the change. When you have the form signed email it to and you will be notified when the change has been made. At that point you can come back and complete the registration.

If you would like to pay for your membership using a credit card please use the links below. You will still need to complete the METLA Registration Form and select Credit Card as the payment type.

We are not using PayPal any longer.

If you are paying for a single Vendor Associate use the link below

If you would like to pay for more than one use the link below and enter in the amount. ($150.00 x number of associates)

I will match the payment for the vendor associates based on the business name so make sure it matches each person that you register using the METLA Registration Form.

If you have any issues send an email to or call 6015963476