Below find a HOSTED VOiP RFP.   Please remember that if the expected cost of the service over the entire term of the contract exceeds $50,000.00, then you must, according to Gary Rawson, complete the formal bid process.

This includes

  • Board Approval (in most cases)
  • Two bid notices published a week apart
  • Bid notice posted to the Mississippi Bid Bank
  • 470
  • Sealed Bids
  • Board Approval of the bid winner.

The entire process, including the signing of the contract must be completed before 10:59 PM on March 14 for the 2013-14 E-Rate year.    Keep in mind, the 470 must be out for 28 days and that you cant open a bid until 7 working days after the last publication of your bid notice in your local paper.


The stuff in RED in the RFP has to be CHANGED BY YOU and please don’t leave the text red.  Some of the RED text is examples and some is descriptions of what you need to put there.   You are going to have to specify to some extent, the number of phones and the specifications for them that you need for your district.   I know of no other way to do this than to consult a vendor or two.   I would ask them for specifications for what they have to offer.  You can’t ask them about specifications to use specifically for your RFP.  This would be a violation of E-Rate regulations.

ALSO, you will need a Rubric for this if you plan to give preferences for a couple of things mentioned in the RFP.   It is fairly easy to do since both are either yes or no.   If you need help with the rubric, contact Marvin Adams or Kathy Harvey.  You will need the rubric created BEFORE the bid opening.

This particular proposal has two options.  One for E-Rate Ineligible Leased Handsets and another for E-Rate Ineligible Bundled handsets.   There is a chance that during the term of the agreement, SLD could change the rules and allow bundled handsets to be eligible. If you get pricing for both, you will be able to take advantage if they do.