Greetings District Test Coordinators,

As we get closer to the SATP2 December 2012 Online Retest administration, we want to ensure you are aware of updates with our transition to PearsonAccess.

PearsonAccess User IDs and Trainings

District Test Coordinators received two emails from Pearson for PearsonAccess account log in information. On October 25, 2012,  you received PearsonAccess user account log in information for the Training site; on October 26, 2012 you received log in account information for the PearsonAccess Operational site. As a reminder, steps on how to create user accounts for your district and school personnel can be found in the recorded Training #3, which is posted (along with all other trainings) on the MS PearsonAccess website located here.

Acknowledgement Form for Trainings

DTCs will receive an electronic form on October 31, 2012 to acknowledge that district and school personnel completed the required PearsonAccess trainings. Please complete the form and submit electronically to Pearson no later than November 7, 2012.  The Training Survey is located here.

MS PearsonAccess User Guide (replaces the previous SATP2 Online Test Coordinator’s Manual)

The SATP PearsonAccess User Guide is posted here for your review. It is critical for you, district, and school personnel to read the document in preparation for the December 2012 Online Retest administration.

System Check Tool

Technology Coordinators need to run the PearsonAccess System Check Tool, posted here. The System Check is a tool to validate computers and to ensure that the online testing software can run on your computers.

Electronic Practice Assessment Test (ePAT)

The ePAT is now available to assist districts and schools in preparation for the SATP online assessment. ePAT provides students and test administrators with an introduction to the online delivery system that will be used for the December online testing administration. Click on ePAT to run the tool. The ePAT is a demo test to familiarize students with the format, navigation, and tools used in the online test. Benefits to running ePAT are: ePAT is delivered using the same TestNav interface as operational tests, all minimum system requirements that apply to TestNav also apply to ePAT, and an internet connection is needed to run the ePAT. Although ePAT is helpful to familiarize students with the online navigation tools, it is critical for Technology Coordinators to run ePAT to ensure your computers are ready for the test administration.