In the evaluation for the METLA Winter Meeting the following question was asked:

“We are in the process of recruiting additional members. Would you recommend METLA to other TCs.”

Of over 75 evaluations for both fall and Winter METLA meetings the answer was 100% “YES”

The next question was why? Answers we got were:

“Rewarding experiences and opportunities to network with others in the same professional arena.”

“Better communication and passing of information than previously delivered by TC meetings.”

“METLA provides needed collaboration and needed information”

“METLA is the organization which is used as the vehicle by which the TC leaders can unite on needed policies and be a strong voice to MDE.”

Your peers are telling you that METLA is good for you and good for Educational Technology in Mississippi. Join us now.


Personnel who have been appointed as a METLA designee for their school districts are eligible to register for membership in METLA. This means, after membership registration and payment submission, that you become a registered, voting member and are awarded all the benefits of membership that METLA has to offer.




• Hear the latest from the MDE on its technology and technology-related issues

• Share new technology ideas / best practices among school districts

• Build a network of / collaborate with METLA members to assist you in your district technology endeavors

• Showcase new technology innovations among school districts

• Fellowship with other METLA members during lunches, if applicable, at quarterly meetings

• Vote on technology issues relative to the state of MS and to your district.

• Assist in getting volume pricing on standardized technology items or groups of items and services.

Those who consider themselves technology leaders in education whether one is in a technology or other leadership position or not, are more invited to join METLA as an associate. While the METLA bylaws only allow members to vote, one can certainly reap the benefits of being a part of METLA as an associate.

Associates can be any person (other district personnel, businesses, industry, universities, etc.) who has an interest in the implementation and advancement of technology in Mississippi public schools.


Member Conference fees are $110.00 per year. (July 1 – June 30)

Associate Conference fees are $80.00 per year. (July 1 – June 30)

Fees are payable by check or purchase order.

Register now!

Ross Randall, Executive Director
Mississippi Educational Technology
Leaders Association
2 Bedford Forrest Lane
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 596-3476