MIS Internet Circuits

Provide by METLA Board Member Chris Carter, West Point)

MIS Maintenance Information:  (Customer Only) – } 7×24 technical support

For all circuit maintenance issues – call:
Basic Maintenance (Customer Owned CPE):  888-613-6330 prompts 2, 1, 1, 2, 2

For all Lifecycle maintenance issues – call:
MTS (Maintenance Technical Support) Group Number – 1-888-613-6330 prompt 3, then 2 MTS
Email Address: rm-awmis@ems.att.com

For all DNS maintenance issues – call:
MTS (Maintenance Technical Support) Group Number – 1-888-613-6330 prompt 3, then 1 MTS DNS
Email Address: rm-dnschanges@ems.att.com

(ALL of the following was provided by AT&T)

METRO E Circuits (when you own the routers)

Report to this number when you own the router and AT&T is NOT managing it:

Business Repair Center – 800-247-2020

(report to this number if the router is managed by AT&T)

Company Name – SOM-MRS-your district name:


AT&T Service Manager Supporting Mississippi K-12 is Mackie Jernigan at 601-974-2103 or cell 601-955-1796



Call AT&T’s SLG NOC at:

866-937-3664 #4 or 800-317-3343 #4    or enter a ticket with Logista


AT&T and Logista SPOC details

The AT&T Logista SPOC (single point of contact) provides State of MS customers the ability to report all troubles via one web portal. “All troubles” include voice, data,

AT&T CPE equipment, and internet services.


Is SPOC for Filtering requests too?

No. Content filtering requests should be made through ccConnect because the ccConnect request goes directly to AT&T security where those changes are made. As an alternative check pages 30 through 37 of the MPLS Operations Guide for detailed instructions on using the SmartPortal to make URL filtering changes yourself.

Is SPOC just for outages?

Yes. SPOC is the single point of contact for outages. Your outages are reported as trouble tickets through SPOC. The Logista SPOC opens a trouble ticket with AT&T.

As school districts are provisioned for MPLS, the login name and password for SPOC and ccConnect will be the same.

For example, if your login name and password provided by Kris Gautier for ccConnect is:

Your login name is dist1234

Your password is dist1234

Then your SPOC login name and password will be provisioned the same.

There may be a short delay in building your SPOC portal access. The request to provision your access to the AT&T Logista SPOC web portal for trouble reports will be made after your MPLS service is turned up by the provisioning team. You will receive an e-mail confirming the SPOC web portal access has been provisioned. Should you need to make a trouble report before your SPOC access is provisioned, you can call your MPLS trouble report directly to

AT&T’s SLG NOC at:

866-937-3664 #4 or 800-317-3343 #4


DNS or Static IP mapping changes

Making DNS or Static IP mapping changes:

DNS or Static IP mapping changes are handled by the AT&T State & Local Government Network Operations Center (SLG NOC) as part of ongoing maintenance support. The school district’s technical contact should call the SLG NOC and open a Customer

Trouble Ticket to request the DNS or Static IP changes be made. See MPLS trouble reporting procedures below for more information on entering a Customer Trouble Ticket.


(This from Pamela Tucker)   send email to


Please include your company name and/or domain name in the subject line to facilitate Email processing and avoid confusion.

 All requests are typically completed within 1 business day.


866-937-3664 #4 or 800-317-3343 #4

About the SLG NOC:

The AT&T (SLG NOC) is located in Richardson, Texas. When the SLG NOC receives a trouble report or change request from the customer, a technician will open Customer Trouble Ticket and monitor and manage the trouble or change request through resolution. All customer updates will flow through the SLG NOC.

The SLG NOC will manage and monitor all tickets until troubles or change requests are resolved. Once the matter is resolved, SLG NOC will verify resolution with the customer. When the customer is satisfied with the resolution, the SLG NOC will close the Customer Trouble Ticket.

Hours of Operation:

AT&T’s State and Local Government NOC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

MPLS Customer Trouble Reporting Procedures

Required Information for Customer Trouble Ticket:

Please have the following information ready when reporting troubles or making change requests to AT&T’s SLG NOC:

  • Type of problem experiencing or change to be made
  • Company Name on account – (example SOM-MDE-BROOKHAVEN SCHOOL DISTRICT is State of MS, MS
  • Department of Education, Brookhaven School District)
  • Site name – (example, SOMBRKH0000 – Site names by address are in the
  • Operations Guide provided to the technical contact at turnup.)
  • Site access hours and testing hours
  • Circuit ID – (Circuit ID’s for each site are in the Operations Guide provided at turnup)
  • Technical Contact
  • Physical Address
  • Customer Trouble Ticket Number:
  • When a Customer Trouble Ticket is entered, you will be given a trouble ticket number.
  • Keep the ticket number for reference. Should you need to call the SLG NOC for status, just give them the ticket number.

How to Escalate:

If the problem is not being handled in a timely or satisfactory manner, you can escalate the trouble ticket to:

  • First Level: Call the AT&T SLG NOC at 866-937-3664, option 4 or 800-317-3343, option 4 and request an escalation to a supervisor.
  • Second Level: Call your Account Manager with ATT who will then engage the appropriate Service Manager for their group.

Some Things to check Prior to making a Customer Trouble Report:

Please take a few minutes to do some simple local area network (LAN) troubleshooting before contacting AT&T to report a trouble.

  1. Confirm power and a status lights on the customer premise equipment
  2. Check cabling to ensure a good connection from the smart jack to router
  3. Check link light on WIC card

If the LAN is cleared for trouble and problem still exists, open a ticket by calling:

866-937-3664 #4 or 800-317-3343 #4